Do More. Stress Less.

Organic instant coffee with active ingredients designed to stimulate energy, focus and relaxation. Practice mindfulness each morrning to feel present and engaged with whatever you do. 

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l theanine + Lions Mane +  Caffine


Ashwagandha + Reishi

miind is a company that promotes mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace through a cup of coffee paired with bite size mental training tips.


Coffee is an integral part of an Australians workday, but often can be associated with anxiety and stress. Our attack on your workplace stress is two pronged:


  •  We have incorporated additional ingredients into our coffee that have been proven to reduce stress whilst increasing focus and concentration. We set about trying to keep the great things about coffee whilst getting rid of the bad, and we think we’ve done a pretty bang up job. 

  •  We have also created a mindfulness program that uses that cup of coffee to instigate a self check-in. This is done by online breathing and meditation tutorials, with regular updates via text, email and phone calls to check in on our members. 


We are trying to normalize the awareness of mindfulness and meditation in the workplace (where its needed the most) and doing this through a cup of coffee to make you a more producive, healthier, happier you. 

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