Don't think of this coffee as just a drink (although it is delicious), think of it as your five minute check in. We want you to use this little time that you have whilst sitting at your desk with your warm cup to genuinely check in on yourself. 


To assist your check in we’ve added a few nifty ingredients that take the edge off the caffeine, or as we like to call it “anxiety free coffee”. We’ve added:

 Ashwaganda, a powerful adaptogen that keeps your stress hormone in check.​


 Lions mane mushroom, a powerful mushroom that can improve cognitive function and brain health.


Reishi Mushroom helps your adrenal glands from “over reacting” making you a calmer, more productive you.

L-theanine holds the potential to reduce the spike in blood pressure when consuming caffeine, along with inducing higher Alpha brain wave states (the ones associated with a relaxed but focused mental state)

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